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Discover the best Mediterranean wines

the best Mediterranean wines

Due to the climatic conditions and the type of soil, the Mediterranean is usually an area conducive to the production of high-quality and world-renowned wines. 

The sunny and rainless days, as well as the warm temperatures, make wines with a high concentration of sugars and therefore high alcohol content. 

The Mediterranean concentrates on some of the following countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, France, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, to mention a few, discover some of its best wines.  



In Spain there is a great variety of wines, being impossible to choose just one, but we can recommend the wines of La Rioja, El Penedés, Las Sierras de Málaga and of course, the cava, which is also one of the great stars of Spain. 

Recommendations to taste in Taboo: Enate, Mala Vida, Celeste Torres, La Fontana, Condado de Haza and Emilio Moro.  



Certain areas of Italy are famous for their incredible vineyards, the Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio varieties stand out. The particularity of these vineyards is that they are planted in volcanic soil, with the ashes a key element in their fertilization. You must try the Nerello di Sicilia, Chianti, Lambrusco, as well as the Dolcetto wines. 

Recommendations to order at Taboo: Vigneti, Fantinel Prosecco and Cantine Cavicchioli Prosecco. 



250 grape varieties are grown in France, although 95% of total production is based on a select group of only 40 such as grenache, merlot and syrah. In this country, red wine is much more common than white wine and a must for any foodie or wine enthusiast. Recommendations to try at Taboo: Louis Jadot Puligny, Maison Castel, Georges Duboeuf, Terroir De Lagravette Tourtourel, Georges Duboeuf Villages. 


In Taboo you will find a great variety of wines from all over the world, if you’re looking for a restaurant in the hotel zone with the best views of the Nichupté Lagoon, this is the perfect option. 

Taboo is ideal for wine tasting in Cancun and exploring new high-quality options.

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