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Discover the best restaurant terraces in Mexico City

The best restaurant with terraces in Mexico City

Mexico city, with its vibrant urban life and appreciation for world-class cuisine, is the ideal place to enjoy an outdoor meal on a charming terrace. We present three must-visit restaurants with exceptional terraces in CDMX: RosaNegra, Parole and Taboo, each with its unique terrace to make the most of the season’s weather while savoring exquisite cuisine. 


RosaNegra - Immerse yourself in Open-air Latin flavors

RosaNegra is a restaurant that has captured the hearts of Latin American cuisine enthusiasts in Mexico City. Its terrace is filled with life and energy, surrounded by the unparalleled atmosphere of the area. Its dishes are inspired by various Latin American countries, offering from fresh ceviches to steak cuts. The mixology is simply extraordinary, no doubt the perfect outdoor enjoyment. 


Parole - Italian Romance Inspired by the Mediterranean 

If you’re looking for a culinary experience that transports you to the Mediterranean coast, Parole is the ideal restaurant. Its terrace, designed with charm and elegance, is the perfect spot to enjoy Italian cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean. Relax outdoors while savoring artisanal pasta, fresh seafood, and other delights that will make you feel like you’re in an Italian Villa. Pair your meal with a great selection of Italian wines and feel the romantic ambiance of the terrace. 


Mediterranean cuisine on an spectacular terrace 

Taboo is known for its Mediterranean cuisine and prime location in Mexico City. Its terrace is bohemian, chic and comfortable for enjoying the city’s climate while indulging in menu delights and incredible signature cocktails. At Taboo, you can taste fresh and healthy flavors, from salads and grilled fish to paella, to name a few of the most popular dishes. The terrace is perfect for enjoying shishas with exotic flavors or an unparalleled dessert. No matter what  you choose, everything at Taboo is a must-try. 


Plan memorable moments outdoors

RosaNegra, Parole, and Taboo offer unique culinary experiences on outdoor terraces. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a meal with friends, or a special occasion, their terraces will provide you with a charming atmosphere and top-notch dishes. Reserve your table and make the most of the season with an outdoor gastronomic experience in Mexico City. 

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