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Do you eat like the Greek gods ?

Mediterranean-style dish

The three elements that are the base for Mediterranean Gastronomy are olive oil, bread and wine and have been for over five thousand years; each element has a place in history from the Roman Empire to modern age. These elements make Mediterranean cuisine the most nutritious, rich in proteins and vitamins; thanks to its ingredients, cooking methods and healthy fat content.

Mediterranean diet not only helps you stay healthy but it also prevents diseases, rich in Omega 3, thanks to the use of Olive oil.

The Mediterranean cuisine is characterized for the lack of meats and abundance of fish, that is the reason they made fish the most coveted ingredient and main element in their gastronomy, accompanied with oils, on this we base ourselves for one of the favorite dishes of Taboo, the "Branzino Steak", prepared on the grill and served with olive oil. Our dishes are created with fresh, healthy and organic products; each ingredient is brought from its source and purchased from artisan producers.

¿Have you tried our artisan dishes? They will take you back to ancient Greek recipes and reconnect with nature.

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