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Mediterranean food in the gastronomic scene

Updated: Apr 9

mediterranean cuisine in Taboo

Mediterranean food is known to be one of the most exotic and exquisite in the world and is distinguished by the richness of its flavors and aromas. Originating in the Mediterranean region, this cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables, legumes and fish. 

In recent years, Mediterranean cuisine has gained great popularity on the world gastronomic scene. In many countries, Mediterranean restaurants have conquered the most demanding palates with their elaborate dishes and distinctive nuances. 

Taboo has become one of the most recognized Mediterranean restaurants, because it has been able to elevate this cuisine to its maximum expression and reinvent classic recipes with exclusive seafood from different parts of the world. 

At Taboo restaurant, eating becomes a lifestyle. The recipes focus on purity, authenticity and the reinterpretation of its origins. 

One of the most valued aspects of Mediterranean cuisine is its ability to adapt to current culinary trends without losing its essence. Taboo's chefs have incorporated ingredients and techniques into their dishes, creating a unique and innovative fusion. In addition to being exquisite, the benefits of a diet based on the Mediterranean diet have been studied and documented, becoming increasingly popular today.  

Most of its dishes are influenced by Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Lebanese and Greek cuisine. This mix of cultures has led to a greater appreciation of international food and has opened our minds to the possibility of combining ingredients from different parts of the world. 

From the handmade bread in the ovens, the artisanal sauces made every day and the seafood from different countries of the world, in Taboo every detail counts. 

In their menu, you will find a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, such as the USDA prime beef carpaccio, Tzatziki, Ora King salmon, lobster risotto and the exquisite paella, ideal for sharing; they also offer a selection of wines carefully chosen to complement the dishes and provide a complete experience. 


If you are looking for Mediterranean food in Cancun, you can't miss Taboo. Visit us and let yourself be seduced by this concept in a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere. 

We are waiting for you at Taboo, a Mediterranean restaurant in Cancun's hotel zone, which in addition to a truly extraordinary menu offers a complete experience.

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