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Find the 4 elements in Taboo mixology

elementos en la mixología

More than 2,000 years ago, Greek philosophers created the theory that our universe and all that it encompassed was composed of four basic elements: water, earth, fire and air. Taboo Tulum's mixology is based on this concept, which takes us through experiences that give pleasure to all the senses.

According to this theory, the balance between the elements formed the basis for good health and harmony. Therefore, we were inspired by this idea to create a mixology menu in which expert mixologists worked to bring to life a wide range of creative handcrafted cocktails, with natural ingredients and homemade infusions.



The fluidity of water is reflected in two cocktails from Taboo Tulum's mixology: our Santorini Sunrise, a blend of vodka, Mediterranean figs, Mount Himeto honey and cranberry juice; and the Saint Tropez Breeze drink, composed of Prosecco St. Germain wine, lemon grass and dehydrated citrus garnish.



Air was the primordial element, being both humid and hot, invisible and infinite, and encompassing the entire cosmos, traversing all things and holding us together, which is why our mixology inspired by it is composed of two cocktails served with liquid nitrogen: Voodoo, a drink with Malibu Rum, coconut water, banana liqueur, cinnamon and evaporated milk; and Black Mist, composed of Gin, Aperol, citrus infusion, activated charcoal and mineral spring water.



The fire was considered primordial by Heraclitus, who believed that everything flows, changes and is in constant transformation; it is both hot and dry. This universal fire that regenerates everything, even water and earth, is represented in Taboo Tulum's mixology with fiery and passionate drinks.

One of the favorites is The Alchemist, a cocktail of mezcal creyente, mango, cucumber, ginger, mint and flambéed fruit; and the other inspired by this element is Cáliz de Fuego, a mix of Stolichnaya Vodka, Angostura bitter, tatemada pineapple, Sicilian lemon and a homemade spice infusion.



Ultimately, the earth is the beginning and end of all things. Our mixology was inspired by the belief that it is both dry and cold at the same time, so our drinks play on this sensory experience.

The cocktails inspired by this element are the Paradise Found, which intervenes mezcal with basil, cucumber, cardamom, lemon and Curaçao liqueur; and the Bellísimo, a drink of Beefeater Gin, Chartreuse Verde, Matcha holy leaf infusion and Sicilian lemon.


Taboo is one of the best restaurants in Tulum, an experience designed for the pleasure of all the senses. Colors, aromas and flavors, combined with a wonderful view and the latest in contemporary music, create a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere, leading to an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. 

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