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Taboo a culinary experience in Polanco

culinary experience in Taboo Polanco

Taboo Polanco is a Mediterranean restaurant in Mexico city that offers a unique culinary experience. Mediterranean fusion and mixology inspired by the 4 elements of nature are the essence of this place that has become a favorite among lovers of good food and cocktails.


Mediterranean influence


Taboo Polanco's cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean region, where a wide variety of fresh and high quality ingredients can be found. From the preparation of the dishes to its presentation, you can appreciate the dedication and care that goes into every detail. The most outstanding dishes are the sun-dried Colossal Octopus, the wood-fired salmon, the Taboo salad and the Spanish Paella, a unique version of the classic Spanish dish that is perfect for sharing due to its abundant presentation. 

Mixology inspired by the 4 elements of nature


Taboo Polanco's mixology is a true experience for the senses. Inspired by the 4 elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air), each cocktail has its own personality and unique flavor. The most popular cocktails are Air, which combines rum, coconut water and banana liqueur, to name a few ingredients; and Fire, which mixes mezcal, mango and ginger. Two creations not to be missed on your next visit. 

Ambiance and decoration


Taboo Polanco is a place characterized by its sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere. The decor is modern and elegant, with lighting designed to accompany the experience, the live violinist show is simply dazzling. 

Taboo Polanco is a culinary experience not to be missed if you are in Mexico City, come and try the exceptional dishes and the most original cocktails in town!

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